Boca la Caja

Welcome to Boca la Caja. Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the borough of San Francisco is Boca la Caja. Formerly home to fishermen and their families, Boca la Caja is a low income informal settlement, home to 850 families (3000+ people) in Panama City. This area faces development pressure owing to its central location within the city. The low-rise residential buildings of this neighbourhood stand in contrast to the adjacent high-rise condominium towers of the rest of San Francisco. Many of the homes along the coast in Boca la Caja are located on what is techincally a flood zone. The residents are thus not legally titled to the land on which they live, despite having been there for many years. This issue of land titling presents complex challenges to revitalization and development efforts. We went into Boca la Caja to speak to community leaders and residents regarding what they would like to see happen to their neighbourhood. Many are eager to sell, believing the value of their land to be high.